Nisshin Pet Food Inc.



All petowners want their pets to live healthily and live longer, because pets are becoming family members and important life partners.
In order to meet the wishes of these pet owners, we, Nisshin Pet Food Inc. has been thinking the dietary habits of pets since the establishment of our company in 1970. From R&D, manufacturing, and sales to carious consultation related to your pets, we will continue to support lives of your pets comprehensively.

About Our Company

Nisshin Pet Food Inc.
Description of our business
Manufacturing and sales of pet food such as "Inu-No-Shiawase (Doggy Happines)", "Putti-Nu", "Kaiseki", "Tatsujin", and "JP-Style Wa No Kiwami."
Address and Phone Number
1-25 Nishiki-Cho, Kanda, Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo, Japan 101-8441
+81 (0)3-5282-6470
Hideo Sakai
October 1st, 1970 *July of 2001, we recieved the Plant and Laboratory from Nisshin Seifun Group when our company split - up from the mother company.
1 billion and 315 million JPY
13 billion and 600 million JPY (annual)

Total Support 3 Pillars

3 Pillars

In Nisshin Pet Food Inc., each department is united to promote business activities, centered on the three pillars of "R&D," "Manufacturing," and "Customer Consultation." In addition, Our products, acknoledging one of the members of Nisshin Seifun Group, are not only based on Feed Safety Law, but also based on Food Sanitaion Law. Utilizing technology and quality control method of food company, we are advancing pet food making at the same level as human food. Considering the food quality level, and being proud of a part of Nisshin Seifun Group is strongly entrenched ourselves.

1st Pillar <Nasu Laboratory>

1st Pillar <Nasu Laboratory>

Our Nasu Laboratory has the latest reserching and testing facilities, and also kennels and manufacturing equipments for palatability test.
Veterinarians and other specialists are well-united to pursue the best pet food for pets live in Japan, including various reserch and developments, such as investigation of raw materials, concept making, digesting test, and palatability test.

2nd Pillar <Tsurumi Plant>

2nd Pillar <Tsurumi Plant>

Nissin Pet Food's "Tsurumi Plant" is located in the same area of Nisshin Seifun Group Tsurumi Plant (approx. 107,000 m 2), the first international flour milling plant in Japan. In the plant where advanced quality control system is thoroughly introduced, operating with a computer controlled automation system, and the newest equipment of extruder is available. We manufacture high quality pet food under the advanced environment, and these pet food is immediately delivered to all over the country.

3rd Pillar
<Customer Consultation Room>

3rd Pillar <Customer Consultation Room>

Our "Customer Consultation Room" was established as an important hotline with pet owners. We take care not only the questions regarding our products, but also any considerations related to growth, health of dogs and cats who can not express words. Professional staffs including veterinarians are pleased to answer all of your questions. Also, we deliver voices from customers to our R&D dept, in order to develop better food.